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English Articles : 130-131 Spring & Summer 2020

List of English Articles

With the Coronavirus it’s Trump vs. Mother Nature Again

A State of Dreaming: Q&A with Jasmin Darznik

The hand of Iran and the impact of compassion on the Greek refugee crisis

Iran’s Response to the Coronavirus Crisis

Iraq can now wrest its sovereignty from Iran

A Moment of Reckoning: Economic Impact of the Corona Pandemic

Newly Discovered Letters of Dr. Morteza Yazdi to Ibrahim Hakimi (Hakim-el-Molk II)

Zionism in Iran; A Historical Perspective, 1917-79

The Iranian "SCHINDLER"

Saudi Arabia Arms Trade Weapons Technology BAE System

Iranian people must forge a path to a constitutional democracy

2020, The Fall of Ayatollahs Constitution

The Supreme Leader’s New Tom and Jerry Sequence

Ambassador Ardeshir Zahedi; in a conversation with Iranian young generation

OPED, Ardeshir Zahedi former Iranian Minister of Foreign Affairs and Ambassador to USA

Interview with H.E. Ardeshir Zahedii

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