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English Articles : 134-135 Spring & Summer 2021

From the Editors Desk: Political Sensitivities Are High
By: Sholeh Shams Shahbaz - OP-ED: Maryam Zar (Associate Editor In-Chief)

JCPOA: A Tale of Two Parallel Universe
By: Professor Hassan Mansoor

How a Chase Bank Chairman Helped the Deposed Shah of Iran Enter the U.S.
By: David D. Kirkpatrick

FILM REVIEW: The Last Diplomat
(A documentary on Ardeshir Zahedi)

INTERVIEW: Untold Stories from the Last Days of the Monarchy in Iran
Azadi Magazine Interview with H.E. Ardeshir Zahedi

Ghosts that Haunt President Biden
By: Amir Taheri

An Open Letter to The Noble People of Iran and America
By: Ardeshir Zahedi

Beyond "US" Versus "THEM"
By: Dr. Alireza Nurbakhsh, Master of The Nimatullahi Sufi Order in London

The Phenomenon of Temporary Marriage
By: Kameel Ahmady

THE BELOVED: Introducing Hafez in English
By: Pari Azarmvand Mokhtari & Dr. Tara Mokhtari


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